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“Podhale” Polish Folklore Ensemble is a community group, based in south western Sydney. It was established in January 2009 by a group of highly enthusiastic and dedicated dancers and parents together with the Ensembles Artistic Directors Daniel & Basia Gadd. Podhale has a current membership base of over 40 members in 3 age categories, with the youngest dancer being just 3.5 years old! 

The Ensembles home base is the White Eagle Hall in Cabramatta and it is honoured by the patronage of the Cabramatta Polish Association.

Podhale is named after Poland's most southern region, which is located at the foothills of the Tatra Mountains and where existing folk culture thrives in the daily activities of its inhabitants, the Górale. It is a region that was loved by Pope John Paul II. 
Podhale’s premier performance was held at the Cabramatta Polish Association Mothers Day Luncheon on 17th May 2009 to a capacity crowd—a very special performance which resulted in an audience requested encore. 

Podhale operates on the basis of voluntary contribution and enthusiasm of all its members, families, friends and i nstructors.  

Artistic Direction

Podhale’s repertoire is based on authentic polish folklore, comprising of original dances from a cross section of Polish ethnographic regions, all using new and folklore faithful choreography, traditionally authentic costumes and vibrant vernacular music. 

Daniel Gadd has over 30 years experience as a performer and over 10 years experience as a dance teacher. Daniel has participated in numerous Polish folk dance workshops in Poland and Australia and successfully lead two contingents to the International Folk Festival in Rzeszow, Poland in 2002 & 2008. Daniel holds a Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management.

Basia Gadd holds a Diploma in Polish folk dance instruction and choreography from Rzeszow, Poland and a Diploma in Events Management. Basia’s choreographies have been performed at various events, including Sydney Polart in 2003, Hobart Polart in 2006, Adelaide Polart in 2009 and the opening of the International Polish Folk Festival in Rzeszow, Poland in 2011. Basia has over 20 years experience in performing arts.
Podhale Photo Day - 21 June 2009

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Hej, górol jo se górol,
           hej, spod samiuśkich Tater.
Hej, descyk mnie wykąpoł,
           hej, wykołysoł wiater.

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